Neutralises the rust layer and stops rust development. The corrosion protection paint with the ability to convert rust is ideal for painting older rusted vehicles. Quick and easy to apply. Without stoichiometry effect: does not attack steel if too much is applied.

• Quick and easy to use - can be painted after just 2 hours
• Epoxy binder means that the product is ideal for painting
• Reliable corrosion protection
• Does not attack steel if too much is applied
• Visible rust conversion thanks to indicator effect

1. The surface must be dry and free of grease and dust. Grind problem surfaces and old paintwork.
2. Shake for at least 2 minutes before use.
3. Apply sparingly in 2-3 sprays at a distance of 25-30 cm. After just a few minutes, the rust transformation is evident by the blackening (complexing) of the rusty areas.
4. Apply top coat once dry (after approx. 2 hours).

Professional rust convertor 390g