GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP-D 68 is a hydraulic oil with excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour. This hydraulic oil can also be used as a multigrade hydraulic oil, and contains detergent, dispersing and emulsifying additives.
Areas of application:
Thanks to its detergent, dispersing and emulsifying additive range, GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP-D 68 is capable of safely emulsifying water and cooling lubricants mixed with water without significant losses. The system is protected against corrosion and machine part wear is prevented. Deposits and adhesions are detached within the system (detergent effect), directed towards the filter, and can be removed from the system when the filter is changed. Foreign bodies present as a result of production influences are held in suspension (dispersed) and also directed towards the filter. The resultant advantages enable longer oil change intervals without posing a risk to the function of the system, and without increased wear.

Areas of application:

  • Can be used in all mobile hydraulic systems (excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, lorry hydraulics)
  • Can be used in stationary systems in production and machine tool sectors
  • Ideal solution to the occurrence of the stick-slip phenomenon, even in the event of highly unfavourable forward and reverse movements and small advances
  • Suitable for universal use where functional safety, low wear, system cleanliness, and even movement at different operating temperatures are required.

Hydraulic oil HVLP-D 68 20 Litres