GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP 68 is a mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid with particularly favourable viscosity-temperature behaviour (high VI hydraulic oils).
Areas of application:
Only paraffin-based primary raffinates are used as base oil. Even in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations and when starting hydraulic systems in sub-zero temperatures, GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP 68 helps to achieve an even performance. Optimum wear, corrosion and oxidation protection properties ensure the highest possible level of functional safety of the hydraulic system with extended oil dwell times and low maintenance costs. GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP 68 is particularly suitable for hydraulic systems that are subjected to significant temperature fluctuations. This includes the entire mobile hydraulics sector, as well as all stationary systems that operate outdoors (car crushers, sluice gates, loading units, ship hydraulics, etc.) The multigrade character of GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP 68 enables a significant reduction in the number of varieties required, meaning that the risk of user error is largely avoided. Inventory and order management are simplified. GRANIT hydraulic oil HVLP 68 can be used wherever HVLP or HLP hydraulic oils are prescribed.

hydraulic oil HVLP 68 20 litres