GRANIT hydraulic oil HLP-D 32 is a mineral oil-based hydraulic oil containing detergents and dispersants.
Areas of application:
Adhesions and deposits are detached (detergent effect) and kept in suspension together with foreign bodies that have entered the system (dispersed). Water and cooling lubricants mixed with water are emulsified by GRANIT hydraulic oil HLP-D 32 without impairing the excellent lubrication and corrosion protection properties.
Compatibility with seal and hose materials tested according to DIN 53538, DIN 53521 and DIN 53505. (NBR, AN, SI, FPM, PTFE, CR to a limited extent). Polar additives in GRANIT hydraulic oil HLP-D 32 improve its anti-friction properties and prevent the occurrence of the stick-slip phenomenon even under highly unfavourable operating conditions.

Hydraulic oil HLP-D 32 20 Litres